Why are Custom Wire Forms Popular in the Lighting Industry?

Wire Form Spring Lighting Industry

Custom wire forms are used extensively in a diverse range of industries and have the potential for endless possible uses. Simply put, a wire form is a part that is fabricated out of flat or round wires into the desired form (or bend) to create a finished product with the necessary angles and length for… Read more »

3 Things to Look For In a Spring Wire Supplier

Spring Design

From automotive industry or the HVAC industry, choosing a spring manufacturer is one of the most critical decisions your company will make because your supplier must be both dependable as well as highly skilled. To help you make the right decision, here are 3 things every company should look for in their spring wire suppliers…. Read more »

The Process of Custom Stainless Steel Spring Manufacturing

Custom Spring Manufacturing Process

The spring manufacturing process always begins with the customer. When clients come to us, they often think that their custom parts will require a complicated process and long lead times. We are here to tell you, that is not always the case. At James Spring & Wire Company, we specialize in short-run, quick delivery, and… Read more »

Get Custom Extension Springs in 5 Easy Steps

Extension Springs in Carburetor

We all know that many things in life are not easy but here at James Spring & Wire, we make ordering custom extension springs a breeze. Years of experience dealing with many types of spring challenges have allowed us to develop custom springs to precise specifications for a wide variety of industries from carburetors to… Read more »

Applications of Helical Springs in Railway Industry

Advantages of the Helical Spring for the Railway

At James Spring & Wire Company, we have years of providing precision-made springs to a wide variety of industrial sectors including the railway industry. Springs used in heavy machinery for the construction of railways need to be extremely strong, durable, and corrosion resistant. That is why this industry relies on us, again and again, to… Read more »

What are the Advantages of Fourslide Metal Forming?

Precision Metal Stamping Products

At James Spring & Wire Company, we perform a wide range of precision metal stamping operations, including forming, blanking, and piercing using high-speed fourslide machines and presses. Standard metal stamping has been a primary production method for many years and is likely to remain so, but for more complex parts, we recommend fourslide metal forming.

Compression Springs in the Automotive Industry

Compression Springs Used in the Automotive Industry

James Spring & Wire Company has been working with companies in the automotive industry for over a half a century, providing them with high-quality components and unmatched services. Our valued clients in this industry know that compression springs play a vital role in the assembly of automotive parts and systems. From standard door springs to… Read more »

5 Most Common Wire Form Applications

Various Wire Forms

At James Spring & Wire Company, we have helped design and manufacture wire forms for a wide range of industries from automotive to railway. Since we’ve been designing and manufacturing springs since the 1960s, we have made it our mission to provide our valued customers not only with high-quality parts but with valuable information and… Read more »

The Design, Applications, and Benefits of Using Torsion Springs

Various Torsion Springs

You Guessed It, Our Favorite Season is Spring You already know that you can rely on James Spring for an extensive selection of specialized springs for almost every industry. But with our history of designing and manufacturing springs for more than fifty years, we can also offer our valued customers a wealth of valuable information… Read more »