Applications of Helical Springs in Railway Industry

Helical SpringsAt James Spring & Wire Company, we have years of providing precision-made springs to a wide variety of industrial sectors including the railway industry. Springs used in heavy machinery for the construction of railways need to be extremely strong, durable, and corrosion resistant. That is why this industry relies on us, again and again, to provide them springs and wire forms for railroad construction activities and equipment. One type of spring that is commonly used is a helical spring or coil spring. The helical spring provides flexibility, suspension, and mechanical support for many applications from loading and transporting rails to cutting and drilling. What makes a helical spring so important for this industry? Let’s find out.

What is a Helical Spring?

It’s not as complicated as it may sound. The coiled nature of helical springs makes them highly specialized in terms of their usability and characteristic features. For instance, the helical or coiled shape of these springs enable them to store energy when “pressed” because of resilient force and then this energy is subsequently released. Another benefit to using these springs is that they can resist the pulling forces between two or more objects. They are known for the excellent absorption of shocks and sudden impacts which are crucial for the railway and roadway industry.

The Role of Helical Springs in the Railway Industry

These versatile springs can be manufactured with absolute precision to suit the strenuous and demanding applications of the railway industry. These springs are corrosion resistant and highly durable in nature so that they can bear the heavy load of railway transport systems running for years. Since these springs can be designed and manufactured precisely as per the dimensional requirements of the railway projects, they are preferred by this industry for a number of applications. These applications include tamping, stressing, grinding, loading, transportation cars, shock absorbance, torsion provision, machining, and much more.

Making an Investment in Helical Springs

If you are ready to order helical springs in bulk for applications pertaining to the railway industry, it is imperative to work with a trusted and respected manufacturer that uses only the highest grade of raw materials. Choose two manufacturers and suppliers, and then compare the costs of helical springs so that you can make a cost-effective investment. At James Spring, we are aware of the dynamic technological advancements happening in the railroad industry and our emphasis on innovation has helped us to offer superior and more reliable springs with perfect configurations and required specifications.

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Photo Credit: Jarle Dixon