Medical Device Manufacturing

Specializing in Orthopedic Implant & Medical Instrument Components

Operating Room James Spring & Wire provides customized medical device manufacturing to a wide range of biotech industries. Whether the parts are used in medical monitoring equipment or critical implants, we provide the highest quality products available. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing shop allows us total quality control over the manufacturing of your product.

In addition to the latest computerized design, inspection and CNC fabricating equipment, James Spring has a complete tool and die shop. Since we don’t have to rely on outside vendors for specialized tooling, all design and manufacturing of components like spinal implant rods, wire forms, medical stylets and more are made right here in our facility.

Passivated springs play a prominent role in medical spring manufacturing. The purpose of passivation is to remove any surface contaminants picked up during the manufacturing process, which is why it’s particularly important to the medical industry. Custom passivated springs are used to ensure stainless steel is clean enough for any medical application, whether the medical springs are being used in drug delivery, pill production, or surgeon’s tools.

Elgiloy® Springs

James Spring is proud to offer Elgiloy® springs, which are extremely high strength while simultaneously maintaining corrosion resistance and formability. Elgiloy® is a non-magnetic alloy and performs well across a wide range of temperatures and industries. We also carry medical clips, which are primarily used during surgical procedures to treat aneurysms.

James Spring & Wire is ISO-registered and is experienced with the exotic materials often needed in the medical industry. We can also perform qualifying testing services as required (IQ, OQ, PQ, etc.).

Please request a quote or contact us directly if you have any questions pertaining to our medical device manufacturing capabilities.