HVAC System Components

Precision Wire Forms, Custom Air Filter Clips, GC Clips and More!

HVAC System ComponentsAt James Spring & Wire, we have a long history providing springs and wire forms to the HVAC industry. We provide products for fans, air filters, motors and other areas relating to HVAC system components.

Our production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a skillful workforce to produce a variety of specialized products. We are an ISO-certified company with an advanced in-house engineer team, so you can be assured you are receiving made-in-USA parts.

As a renowned manufacturer of custom springs, wire and strip forms, and metal stamping, James Spring is proud to offer several value-added secondary services to assist customers in finishing the job. Whether you are looking for color coding, assembly, heat treatment, or special packaging, we have options for your HVAC system components finishing needs.

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