Construction Materials

Expansion Clips, Torsion Springs, Precision Stamping and More!

Construction Workers Whether you’re looking for expansion clips for metal roofing applications or torsion springs for a seismic ceiling installation, James Spring and Wire has over 50 years of experience providing custom spring and wire form solutions to those in the construction industry. We maintain the ability to source and expedite raw materials from our vast supplier base. This gives us the unique ability to respond to orders quickly and help customers find solutions to difficult problems and emergency situations. James Spring and Wire can design and manufacture your expansion clips, springs, wire forms and stampings from a wide variety of round and shaped materials such as steel, stainless steel, music wire, brass, phosphor bronze, nickel, silver and beryllium copper.

Discover why James Spring and Wire is your best ISO 9001 certified source for all of your construction springs, wire forms and precision stampings and contact us today.