Top 3 Metals Used in Spring Fabrication

Metal Springs

Types of spring materials used in spring fabrication vary depending on the design and application requirements. Principally, these materials consist of spring steels, a group of medium-to-high carbon, low alloy steels characterized by their excellent yield strength—an important material property that allows a spring to bend, twist, compress or extend and return to its original… Read more »

All About the Slinky


What is a Slinky? By design, it is a simple mechanical device composed of helical springs. On the other hand, how that one design became a simple yet iconic toy, one of the most recognized and successful toys in history, is a story unto itself. One that forever links the Slinky to James Spring &… Read more »

Popular Types of Compression Springs

Compression Springs

There are many types of compression springs on the market. Each is designed with distinct characteristics to meet the many different kinds of functional requirements of mechanical assemblies in which they are applied. Though a particular application may require a compressive force, the type of compression spring can affect how the spring interacts and performs… Read more »

Inspecting Coil Springs – What to Know

Custom Spring Manufacturing Process

Learning how to test coil springs is an important quality control measure manufacturers use during production. Testing and inspecting coil springs is far more than eliminating any guesswork in spring design. Every spring has individual design specifications related to application requirements, the materials used, the manufacturing methods, and any particular type of finish. The importance… Read more »

Extension Spring Design Guide

Extension Springs

Helical extension springs are critical components for the proper functioning of many devices that are used in a wide array of industrial, commercial, and domestic products. Unlike other spring designs, extension springs exert force based on the principle of tension, a measurable force that derives its energy from pulling, stretching, or elongation.

Torsion Springs Calculator

Torsion Springs

A torsion spring calculator is a software tool used to calculate the dimensions, tolerances, weight, and other design specifications for a torsion spring—the helical-shaped, coiled springs used in applications to exert torque or store rotational energy in a radial direction. Torsion spring calculator software allows a user to not only accurately calculate the design of… Read more »

How Compression Springs Are Manufactured

Compression Springs

Custom compression springs manufacturing is a design and fabrication process that produces precision compression spring components for critical applications serving a range of industries. From medical devices to mining and drilling equipment, custom compression springs are essential components utilized by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the production and manufacturing of numerous products, devices, tools, and… Read more »

What is Medical Device Manufacturing?

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing is a vital industry that plays a significant role in our healthcare system. The sector develops and provides a diverse array of medical products for use in a wide range of applications, be it medical stylets and pacemakers or X-ray and MRI machines. As an industry, the manufacturing of medical devices can… Read more »

How is Spring Steel Made?

Various Compression Springs

How is spring steel made? As a material vital to numerous industries, in regard to its applications and unique properties, spring steels hold particular characteristics that set it apart from other types of steel. Besides it most obvious application—spring steels are used in manufacturing springs—the material is also used to manufacture a diverse array of… Read more »

Understanding Spring Constant Dimensional Formula

Metal Spring

In the physics of spring design, the spring constant dimensional formula provides the appropriate equation necessary to meet the application requirements of a particular type of spring—such as a compression or extension spring. A dimensional formula relates fundamental units like meters and kilograms into dimensional quantities such as mass and length to express an equation… Read more »