When to Utilize Custom Spring Grinding

Spring Grinding

Spring grinding is a common industrial process that shapes the end coils of springs flat and square for certain applications. In general, due to their coiled ends, the overwhelming majority of spring grinding processes are performed on compression springs. The coil ends of the spring may have to be squared for a spring to mate… Read more »

8 Interesting Wire Spring Applications

Wire Spring

Wire springs are an indispensable material used in a variety of applications and components. In fact, wire springs are used in just about every industry. Not only are springs found in countless products we use on a daily basis, but they are found in the machines that make the products. Some wire spring applications may… Read more »

Why You Should Be Using Custom Extension Springs

Helical Spring

Custom extension springs are an integral component in numerous products and applications for many devices, machinery, and consumer goods. Benefits of custom extension springs guarantee that, at a minimum, the right material, finish, and configuration is used in its manufacture. More importantly, when designed to specification, custom extension springs ensure that the necessary work requirements… Read more »

A Guide to Air Filter Clips & Fasteners


In industrial, commercial and residential environments, air filtration systems process air through air filters to improve air quality by removing particulates and impurities from the air. The filtration system, it could be argued, is only as efficient as the air filter itself. The air filter, in turn, is only as efficient as the spring, clip,… Read more »

Ask the Professionals: Precision Metal Stamping

Precision Finishing

Precision metal stamping is a cold-form manufacturing process that converts metal sheets into desired shapes—be it parts, components, or finished products—for a variety of applications. In metal fabrications shops or manufacturing operations, metal sheets, known as blanks, are fed through the tool and die surface of stamping presses to shape and shear the blanks into… Read more »

What Are Medical Stylets?

Medical Stylet

A medical stylet is a small, malleable plastic-coated metal rod most commonly used in endotracheal (ETT) devices for intubation. They are a medical component that is placed inside an endotracheal tube to reinforce or pre-shape the lumen of the tube to aid in directing the tube towards the laryngeal inlet. As with any medical device… Read more »

Pocket Guide: The Passivation Process for Springs

Stainless Steel Springs

Passivated springs are a necessary finishing step in the manufacturing of spring components, especially important in custom springs for medical devices or those for use in the food industry. Springs can be made with a variety of materials from a number of polymers to a wide range of metals. However, most springs used in industrial… Read more »

Choosing the Right Medical Springs for Your Equipment


Medical springs are an important component in the manufacturing of devices and equipment used throughout the medical industry. The three main types of springs used in medical devices—compression, torsion, and extension—and each serve a valuable purpose in varying types of equipment, large and small. Springs are devices that store mechanical energy. Though they are relatively… Read more »

3 Advantages of Utilizing Assembly Services

Springs Used in Consumer Goods

In today’s economy, many businesses turn to companies that offer assembly services to meet production demands for their products and components. Commonly referred to as outsourcing, the practice offers several advantages for companies to contract various operational activities and services to another company to perform those activities. Having a company that specializes in simple vertical… Read more »

The Various Uses for Elgiloy Springs

elgiloy springs

In recent years, manufacturers and design engineers of springs have moved to develop lighter materials and easier-to-maneuver springs with exceptional mechanical properties for a wide variety of applications. One important result was the development of Elgiloy springs. Made from an exotic mix of metals, Elgiloy is a new ‘super-alloy’ made of cobalt, chromium, nickel, molybdenum,… Read more »