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What Are Medical Stylets?

Medical Stylet

A medical stylet is a small, malleable plastic-coated metal rod most commonly used in endotracheal (ETT) devices for intubation. They are a medical component that is placed inside an endotracheal tube to reinforce or pre-shape the lumen of the tube to aid in directing the tube towards the laryngeal inlet. As with any medical device… Read more »

3 Advantages of Utilizing Assembly Services

Springs Used in Consumer Goods

In today’s economy, many businesses turn to companies that offer assembly services to meet production demands for their products and components. Commonly referred to as outsourcing, the practice offers several advantages for companies to contract various operational activities and services to another company to perform those activities. Having a company that specializes in simple vertical… Read more »

Can’t Find the Right Spring? We Can Help

Extension Springs

With so many options available, it may not always be an easy job to figure out which spring you need, which is why it’s important to choose a partner who is knowledgeable about springs and who specializes in springs fabrication. There are many types of springs, and they can be fabricated in an overwhelming number… Read more »

Get Your Wire Form Design Right the First Time

Various Wire Forms

At James Spring & Wire, it is very common for our customers to come to us with fully designed parts and all we have to do is determine the most effective tooling and find the best shaping process. That being said, not all of our customers have their required design completely ready, and that’s okay…. Read more »