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What Is a Wire Form?

Various Wire Forms

Wire forms or, more specifically, wire forming, is a fabrication technique that utilizes blanks of metal wire which is manipulated into standard or customized shapes for a variety of applications. The wire is typically drawn from blank strips or coiled spools of flat or round wire, rolled and tempered, and then formed into different configurations… Read more »

What is CNC Wire Forming?

CNC Wire Forming Machine

CNC wire forming or wire bending is an advanced technique used to manipulate metal into standard or customized shapes for the manufacturing of products. Consisting of various shapes and sizes, wire forms are fabricated with machines through heat treatment, cutting and bending. CNC wire forming machines operate by using standardized tooling to alter the shape… Read more »

Elgiloy Non-Magnetic Springs and Wire Forms

Medical Tools

Elgiloy is a specially fabricated alloy used in wire forms and spring applications. Elgiloy is a patented cobalt-base alloy compounded of cobalt, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, manganese, beryllium, carbon and iron. It can be used as-is or heat-treated.

5 Household DIY Projects Using Upcycled Wire Form Springs

wire form springs

Most people would give little thought to upcycle their old wire form springs. More than likely it’s the last thing on their minds when throwing out an old sofa or bed spring mattress. But there are those among us who have given thought to upcycle wire form springs, and have found many creative uses for… Read more »

Materials for Spring Design & Wire Forming

spring design

Spring design and its fabrication play an important role in manufacturing and industry around the globe. Springs come in all shapes and sizes to meet industry needs and are made from a wide range of metal alloys. Materials used for spring design and wire forming consist of high strength alloys. In general, wire formed into springs… Read more »

Get Your Wire Form Design Right the First Time

Various Wire Forms

At James Spring & Wire, it is very common for our customers to come to us with fully designed parts and all we have to do is determine the most effective tooling and find the best shaping process. That being said, not all of our customers have their required design completely ready, and that’s okay…. Read more »

Why are Custom Wire Forms Popular in the Lighting Industry?

Wire Form Spring Lighting Industry

Custom wire forms are used extensively in a diverse range of industries and have the potential for endless possible uses. Simply put, a wire form is a part that is fabricated out of flat or round wires into the desired form (or bend) to create a finished product with the necessary angles and length for… Read more »

3 Things to Look For In a Spring Wire Supplier

Spring Design

From automotive industry or the HVAC industry, choosing a spring manufacturer is one of the most critical decisions your company will make because your supplier must be both dependable as well as highly skilled. To help you make the right decision, here are 3 things every company should look for in their spring wire suppliers…. Read more »

5 Most Common Wire Form Applications

Various Wire Forms

At James Spring & Wire Company, we have helped design and manufacture wire forms for a wide range of industries from automotive to railway. Since we’ve been designing and manufacturing springs since the 1960s, we have made it our mission to provide our valued customers not only with high-quality parts but with valuable information and… Read more »