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Products & Capabilities

Industry Leaders in Custom Spring Manufacturing

James Spring and Wire Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom springs. In the 1940’s, our founder Richard James invented the beloved precompressed helical spring toy, the “Slinky.” In 1960 James Spring was established, since then our springs and wire forms have successfully supported millions of OEM products globally. Our years of experience and state-of-the-art custom spring manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide fabricators, engineers, and design firms with the best spring for the application and at a price that is affordable.

Our full line of online springs ranges from compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms and other custom springs. Our extensive line of springs means we can deliver the springs you need quickly, and if you don’t see what you need we can manufacture custom springs to your specifications. From materials to bend radius there isn’t a challenge we can’t help you solve, so contact our team today and let us help you meet your project goals.

Compression Springs
• Wire Size Range 0.006" to 0.250" (0.15mm to 6.35mm)
• Plain or ground ends
Extension Springs
• Wire Size Range 0.006" to 0.250" (0.15mm to 6.35mm)
• Standard and custom hook...
Torsion Springs
• Wire Size Range 0.006" to 0.165" (0.15mm to 4.2mm)
• Various end configurations
Wire Forms
• Wire Size Range 0.006" to 0.250" (0.15mm to 6.35mm)
• Fourslides/CNC Formers
Strip Forms
• Strip Size Range: 0.015" x 0.375" to 0.125" x 1.875"
• Fourslide forming
Metal Stampings
• Material Size Range: 0.010" to 0.093" x 3"
• 22 ton Max Capacity
• Assembly services available for your components

The Pipe Viper
• Pipe bending tool to cold bend PVC Pipe and Conduit
• Eliminates the need for...
Air Filter Clips
• P Clips
• Corner Clips
• Wire Forms
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