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Ask the Professionals: Precision Metal Stamping

Precision Finishing

Precision metal stamping is a cold-form manufacturing process that converts metal sheets into desired shapes—be it parts, components, or finished products—for a variety of applications. In metal fabrication shops or manufacturing operations, metal sheets, known as blanks, are fed through the tool and die surface of stamping presses to shape and shear the blanks into… Read more »

Stainless Steel Springs that Power the Construction Industry

Construction Workers

It may not be obvious, but stainless steel springs are commonly used in everyday commercial and domestic applications. One industry that uses industrial springs on a daily basis, is the construction industry. Whether it be a simple buckling device or a complicated vehicular suspension system, durable and sturdy springs are needed in many pieces of… Read more »

What are the Advantages of Fourslide Metal Forming?

Precision Metal Stamping Products

At James Spring & Wire Company, we perform a wide range of precision metal stamping operations, including forming, blanking, and piercing using high-speed fourslide machines and presses. Standard metal stamping has been a primary production method for many years and is likely to remain so, but for more complex parts, we recommend fourslide metal forming.