Stainless Steel Springs that Power the Construction Industry

Construction WorkersIt may not be obvious, but stainless steel springs are commonly used in everyday commercial and domestic applications. One industry that uses industrial springs on a daily basis, is the construction industry. Whether it be a simple buckling device or a complicated vehicular suspension system, durable and sturdy springs are needed in many pieces of equipment. They are critical to the construction industry’s success because steel springs help enhance the operational efficiency, flexibility, and portability of hand and power tools.

The Role of Stainless Steel Springs in Hand and Power Tools

Hand and power tools are used for various applications across several different sectors of the construction industry. These applications demand that the tools be highly accurate and versatile. What provides this type of agility? The premium quality of ingeniously designed stainless steel springs is essential for high levels of efficiency and perfection in tooling devices.

How to Choose Springs for Your Hand and Power Tools

Based on your application and the type of tool you will need for that project will help you determine the correct spring for your device. Below are a few things to consider before making your decision:

  • Nature of the application in which spring is going to be used
  • The type and grade of the material used for the manufacturing of the springs
  • Number of turns in a helical/ coiled spring
  • Diameter of the spring needed and length of wire
  • Spring torque and load-bearing capacity level of tolerance
  • Durability and tensile strength of the spring

More Than Just Springs: Expansion Clips, Torsion Springs, and Precision Stamping

James Spring and Wire have over 50 years of experience providing custom spring and wire form solutions to those in the construction industry. Whether you’re looking for expansion clips for metal roofing applications or torsion springs for seismic ceiling installation, we have the ability to source and expedite raw materials from our vast supplier base. This gives us the unique ability to respond to orders quickly and help customers find solutions to difficult problems and emergency situations. We can design and manufacture your springs, expansion clips, wire forms and stampings from a wide variety of round and shaped materials. James Spring and Wire is your best source for all of your construction springs needs, so start by contacting our engineers today!