How Custom Springs Are Made

Spring Manufacturing

Custom spring manufacturing is designed for customized or unique spring applications for products. Determining how springs are made relates to the application. Custom springs are made to meet specific design requirements for products across multiple industrial sectors—aerospace, automotive, medical, IT and AI, trades and construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and so on. They can vary greatly with… Read more »

Why Use Titanium for Medical Applications

Surgical Tools

Titanium resists corrosion and is bio-compatible. Titanium also has the ability to join with human bone, which is one of the reasons it is used so often in the medical industry. Titanium metal is used in medical and surgical applications, such as surgical titanium instruments, orthopedic titanium rods, titanium pins, and titanium plates.

Custom Compression Springs: A Popular Choice for Sporting Equipment


Our custom compression springs can be used to provide resistance for strength conditioning and muscle development in fitness equipment. We can manufacturing springs with light, medium or high compression to provide a range of resistance levels. Light compression springs provide up to 20lbs of resistance and are useful in sporting goods equipment for beginners or… Read more »

Helpful Guide to Measuring Compression Springs

Various Compression Springs

In order for a compression spring application to perform properly in a device, it must meet an expected force at a particular height. The importance cannot be understated—measuring compression springs are a design function necessary to meet a device’s application requirements. That device could be a retractable pen, an automobile’s suspension, a mining or oilfield… Read more »

Custom Mil-Spec Springs

army helicopter

James Spring & Wire is an ITAR registered custom spring manufacturer with experience manufacturing mil-spec springs that meet all military specification requirements for use in aerospace, military and defense applications.

5 Facts You Might Not Know About Springs


A spring is an elastic device or component that is manufactured by a spring company for numerous industrial applications. Most have a helical or coil shape with many design functions, depending on the application, to maintain a force between objects or contacting surfaces, or to exert or absorb a shock. Springs store and release mechanical… Read more »

Non-Ferrous Alloy Springs for Medical Devices

Medical Devices

James Spring and Wire has over 40 years of experience manufacturing springs and wire forms for medical devices and over 20 years of experience manufacturing medical implants.

When to Utilize Custom Spring Grinding

Spring Grinding

Spring grinding is a common industrial process that shapes the end coils of springs flat and square for certain applications. In general, due to their coiled ends, the overwhelming majority of spring grinding processes are performed on compression springs. The coil ends of the spring may have to be squared for a spring to mate… Read more »

8 Interesting Wire Spring Applications

Wire Spring

Wire springs are an indispensable material used in a variety of applications and components. In fact, wire springs are used in just about every industry. Not only are springs found in countless products we use on a daily basis, but they are found in the machines that make the products. Some wire spring applications may… Read more »

Why You Should Be Using Custom Extension Springs

Helical Spring

Custom extension springs are an integral component in numerous products and applications for many devices, machinery, and consumer goods. Benefits of custom extension springs guarantee that, at a minimum, the right material, finish, and configuration is used in its manufacture. More importantly, when designed to specification, custom extension springs ensure that the necessary work requirements… Read more »