Types of Springs Manufactured by James Spring & Wire

Types of Springs

James Spring and Wire designs and manufactures many different types of springs, including standard and custom springs for industrial and commercial applications for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). We offer a wide range of springs for use in many industries, examples include suspensions the automotive industry, in the utilities industry to produce springs for gas metering… Read more »

How to Bend PVC Pipe Using the Pipe Viper

PVC Pipe

For many years, long before the Pipe Viper was introduced, the fine art of how to bend PVC pipe was somewhat of an acquired skill. Custom fittings were generally produced via a heat bend technique, a process that inserted a device or object into the pipe, and then subjected the pipe to a controlled heat… Read more »

Why Should My Company Choose Fourslide Metal Stamping?

Precision Metal Stamping Products

Fourslide metal stamping is a fourslide metal stamping and forming process best suited for the production of multiple formed material-intensive parts or parts that require the most accuracy in shaping. Here at James Spring we handle the precision forming and shaping of parts in-house which not only ensures high quality but has the added advantage… Read more »

How Long Do Springs Last? Answers to Your Questions

Question Mark. How Long is Spring Life?

How long can you expect typical stainless steel springs to last? This is a commonly asked question. You may think that as long as it doesn’t ever get stretched to the point of no return, a spring will always go back to its original shape. However, spring life is dependent on many factors.

Types of Steel Springs and Their Applications

Steel Springs

Springs are used in nearly every industry. Stainless steel is one of the most common spring materials because of its durability, resistance to rust and high yield strength. Steel springs are made from wire that has been hardened and tempered to suit the needs of the spring it will become. It starts as a large… Read more »

The Benefits of Using Custom Spring Manufacturers

Custom Spring Manufacturing

With so many spring companies out there, why choose a custom spring manufacturer? The benefits of using a custom spring manufacturer are many and can have a positive impact on the final product, which results in more business and a stellar reputation for your company. Experience Matters Finding a partner with the expertise required to… Read more »

Can’t Find the Right Spring? We Can Help

Extension Springs

With so many options available, it may not always be an easy job to figure out which spring you need, which is why it’s important to choose a partner who is knowledgeable about springs and who specializes in springs fabrication. There are many types of springs, and they can be fabricated in an overwhelming number… Read more »

5 Most Common Spring Wire Materials

Steel Spring Wire

When choosing the right spring, selecting the best spring wire for your application is a critical step before manufacturing. Below are some of the most common spring wire materials and their unique characteristics to help you make an informed choice.

What You Need to Know About Spring Rate

Spring Design

When manufacturing custom springs, there are standards in place to promote uniformity throughout the industry. Spring tolerances are defined by the Spring Manufacturing Institute (SMI) and apply to both custom and stock springs, and include compression, extension, torsion, garter, conical and barrel springs. Standard tolerances include +/- ranges for many aspects of spring characteristics, including… Read more »

The 4 Industries Torsion Springs are Used in the Most

Construction Workers

At James Spring & Wire we carefully manufacture single-bodied and double-bodied torsion springs, also known as helical springs, with different end configurations including straight, offset, and hinge ends. They are designed to generate rotational and torque forces that can rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise. What makes torsion springs so unique? These springs can store the… Read more »