Low Carbon Steel Compression Limiters

Compression LimitersJames Spring & Wire has extensive experience in custom designing and manufacturing compression limiters to meet any application.

Compression limiters are used to protect plastic parts and components from damage due to the tightening load of a bolt or screw. Depending on the strength requirements of your specific application we can custom design a compression limiter using low carbon steel or aluminum.

Our highly skilled tool and die makers will custom design the tooling to meet a customer’s specific requirements for a compression limiter. We produce 2.5 million components per month on average and can provide high volume manufacturing for compression limiters.

Split Seam Compression Limiters

  • Low Carbon Steel or Aluminum
  • Flexible Diameter to accommodate Different Hole Tolerances
  • Custom designed for non-standard lengths
  • 8mm to 20mm

Compression Limiter Applications

  • Automotive Engine Components
  • Power Brake Components
  • Ignition Coils
  • Agricultural Components

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