The 4 Industries Torsion Springs are Used in the Most

Construction WorkersAt James Spring & Wire we carefully manufacture single-bodied and double-bodied torsion springs, also known as helical springs, with different end configurations including straight, offset, and hinge ends. They are designed to generate rotational and torque forces that can rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise. What makes torsion springs so unique? These springs can store the mechanical energy that is created while being twisted and then release that energy once the load has been removed. They can be produced with wire diameters ranging from 0.005” to 0.250” and are usually wound with low pitches to reduce coil friction in the application it is being used for.

Applications for Torsion Springs

As we mentioned above, the springs can be manufactured in a variety of sizes making them useful for a range of industries and applications. Below are some of the most common industrial applications that we manufacture torsion springs for:

The Automotive Industry
Torsion springs for the automotive industry are generally made from chrome silicon due to this material’s strength and resistance to chemical substances. The cylindrical shape of these springs allows for smooth, frictionless motion with even tension in the entire spring. For these reasons, they can be found in gear shifters, clutches, automotive valves, and vehicle suspension systems.

The Agricultural Industry
As you can imagine, the type of equipment used in the agriculture industry requires springs that are larger in size, durable, simple to use, and have a long work life. Double-bodied stainless springs work well in such a demanding application. Torsion springs can be used in tractors, sprayers, plows, and even fertilizer equipment.

The Construction Industry
A variety of torsion springs can be manufactured for the construction industry’s heavy equipment. Usually made from oil tempered wires, the torsion springs are designed to not change dimensions under high temperatures and can be used in construction equipment, semi trucks, fuel rail systems, and mining equipment.

The Medical Industry
For the medical industry, there is a need to use springs of high strength and quality. The springs also need to be used for intricate equipment. Due to this, high carbon steel is used to construct the torsion springs. Medical applications of torsion springs include hospital beds, medical immobilization devices, dental applications, and wheelchair lifts.

Choosing a Torsion Spring Manufacturer

When we begin a project with a customer looking for either standard or custom torsion springs, operating environment, life expectancy, and spring load are taken into account when designing your custom springs. Our design allows torsion springs to be used in the direction that winds the coil and in general, these springs are used over a shaft or arbor, so when selecting the appropriate mandrel size we recommend allowing roughly 10% clearance for various deflections. If your specific application requires a high deflection, a reduction in mandrel size is suggested to ensure proper performance. To learn more about which materials and what configurations we manufacture in, visit our torsion springs page.