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Everything You Should Know About Helical Springs

helical springs

Though there are many kinds of springs, helical springs are the most common, and their application is widespread. From machinery and consumer products to industrial equipment and transportation—anything with a machine will likely have a spring inside it. Springs are a valued device because they can store mechanical energy. Varying types have been in use… Read more »

Replacement Springs: What To Look For

Compression Springs

Springs are incredibly common components that are used in nearly every industry. Because they are an essential part in so many applications, they are subjected to heavy use and wear. Having access to replacement springs or having parts on hand is not only a good idea but may be necessary to prevent shutdowns in any… Read more »

Most Common Compression Spring Uses

Compression Springs

Compression spring uses are many. It is the most common type of spring and is designed to function when a load is applied to it. Made of spring steel, or another non-ferrous metal, a compression spring is an elastic coil that very efficiently builds up energy when loaded. When you think compression spring, think mattress… Read more »

Why You Should Order Custom Springs Online

Pressure Spring

Did you know that you can order custom springs online at James Spring and Wire Company? We can provide quotations on an extensive assortment of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms, retaining rings, constant force springs, wire forms, strip forms, and metal stampings. There are many benefits of ordering springs online versus in… Read more »

Coil Springs Basics

elgiloy springs

Ask ‘What is a coil spring?’ and the first thought is likely the image of a Slinky walking end-over-end down a flight of stairs. Less likely, at least to the uninitiated, are thoughts of a mechanical device that has become an integral part of our everyday life. Though hidden in plain sight, you can find… Read more »

Types of Springs Manufactured by James Spring & Wire

Types of Springs

James Spring and Wire designs and manufactures many different types of springs, including standard and custom springs for industrial and commercial applications for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). We offer a wide range of springs for use in many industries, examples include suspensions the automotive industry, in the utilities industry to produce springs for gas metering… Read more »

Types of Steel Springs and Their Applications

Steel Springs

Springs are used in nearly every industry. Stainless steel is one of the most common spring materials because of its durability, resistance to rust and high yield strength. Steel springs are made from wire that has been hardened and tempered to suit the needs of the spring it will become. It starts as a large… Read more »

The Benefits of Buying from a Custom Spring Manufacturer

Compression Springs

At James Spring & Wire, we manufacture products for a wide range of industries and in an assortment of configurations from complex designs down to the basic cuts. Oftentimes, customers and potential customers come to us looking for custom spring solutions for their application. Custom precision spring manufacturing is only one part of a much… Read more »

Applications of Helical Springs in Railway Industry

Advantages of the Helical Spring for the Railway

At James Spring & Wire Company, we have years of providing precision-made springs to a wide variety of industrial sectors including the railway industry. Springs used in heavy machinery for the construction of railways need to be extremely strong, durable, and corrosion resistant. That is why this industry relies on us, again and again, to… Read more »

Compression Springs in the Automotive Industry

Compression Springs Used in the Automotive Industry

James Spring & Wire Company has been working with companies in the automotive industry for over a half a century, providing them with high-quality components and unmatched services. Our valued clients in this industry know that compression springs play a vital role in the assembly of automotive parts and systems. From standard door springs to… Read more »