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Types of Springs Used in Medical Devices

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Springs are integral components in the manufacture of many medical devices. Whether it’s for a surgical stapler or a medical monitor, the types of springs in medical devices are defined by a specific action or movement required for the application. Though relatively simple in its design, springs store the mechanical energy necessary for a wide… Read more »

Popular Types of Springs and Their Uses

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There are many different types of springs, used in countless devices, mechanisms, machines, tools, and much more. They are very much an indispensable component, each with their own design characteristics specific to the application. Springs are an elastic object which stores mechanical energy that releases when a force is applied to it. As a component,… Read more »

Understanding the Four Compression Spring End Types

Compression Springs

Compression spring end types vary relative to their application. Though the end type distinctions are minor, they one of the defining features of a compression spring and are, therefore, important to the functionality of the device. There are basically two end designs, open and closed, with another two variations making a total of four end… Read more »

Calculating Spring Tension

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All springs are constructed to have an initial tension, that force that keeps the coils together in a set position. As a measurement, initial tension is the load or force necessary to overcome the internal force to start coil separation. How to calculate spring tension, and its importance will help to determine how effectively a… Read more »

Custom Compression Springs: A Popular Choice for Sporting Equipment


Our custom compression springs can be used to provide resistance for strength conditioning and muscle development in fitness equipment. We can manufacturing springs with light, medium or high compression to provide a range of resistance levels. Light compression springs provide up to 20lbs of resistance and are useful in sporting goods equipment for beginners or… Read more »

Helpful Guide to Measuring Compression Springs

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In order for a compression spring application to perform properly in a device, it must meet an expected force at a particular height. The importance cannot be understated—measuring compression springs are a design function necessary to meet a device’s application requirements. That device could be a retractable pen, an automobile’s suspension, a mining or oilfield… Read more »

5 Facts You Might Not Know About Springs


A spring is an elastic device or component that is manufactured by a spring company for numerous industrial applications. Most have a helical or coil shape with many design functions, depending on the application, to maintain a force between objects or contacting surfaces, or to exert or absorb a shock. Springs store and release mechanical… Read more »

Everything You Should Know About Helical Springs

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Though there are many kinds of springs, helical springs are the most common, and their application is widespread. From machinery and consumer products to industrial equipment and transportation—anything with a machine will likely have a spring inside it. Springs are a valued device because they can store mechanical energy. Varying types have been in use… Read more »

Replacement Springs: What To Look For

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Springs are incredibly common components that are used in nearly every industry. Because they are an essential part in so many applications, they are subjected to heavy use and wear. Having access to replacement springs or having parts on hand is not only a good idea but may be necessary to prevent shutdowns in any… Read more »

Most Common Compression Spring Uses

Compression Springs

Compression spring uses are many. It is the most common type of spring and is designed to function when a load is applied to it. Made of spring steel, or another non-ferrous metal, a compression spring is an elastic coil that very efficiently builds up energy when loaded. When you think compression spring, think mattress… Read more »