Why You Should Be Using Custom Extension Springs

Helical SpringCustom extension springs are an integral component in numerous products and applications for many devices, machinery, and consumer goods. Benefits of custom extension springs guarantee that, at a minimum, the right material, finish, and configuration is used in its manufacture. More importantly, when designed to specification, custom extension springs ensure that the necessary work requirements particular to the application are met. Unlike standard extension springs, customized extension springs are designed to meet the exact load requirements of the component, important to the long-term performance of the product or device, and are less likely to fail.

The helical coiled springs operate on the principle of tension, a measurable force that derives its energy from stretching, pulling or elongation of a particular medium. The helical coils that comprise an extension spring are wound tightly, designed to provide resistance when pulled or stretched. For an extension spring, its potential mechanical energy is stored in the coil and released when it is stretched—the tighter the coil, the greater resistance and tensile force when pulled.

Design Considerations

Custom extension spring design considerations would include end configuration, but also the material, size, surface treatment and plating to ensure optimal component performance. Extension springs are recognizable by their ends, which are manufactured to meet the specification requirements of the application. Ends come in a variety of sizes and configurations—straight-cut, loop, hook, and double twisted full loop ends being among the most common. For application, each end of the extension spring is attached to another component or part where potential energy is stored until released.

Selecting the right material for extension springs is another benefit of customization. The wire material selected for the extension spring must have the mechanical properties to meet the performance requirements of the product or device. The spring must be able to work in the environment it is intended to without fail. It may be subjected to corrosion, moisture, extreme temperatures, vibration, exposure, high impact, etc. Common wire material for customizing your extension spring includes Beryllium Copper, Chrome Silicon, Chrome Vanadium, Elgiloy, Hard Drawn Wire, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, MP35N, Music Wire, Nitinol, Oil Tempered, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel (17-7 SS, 302 SS, 304 SS, 316 SS, & 316L SS), and Titanium. In selecting the material, also choose the right size, i.e., the appropriate diameter for the spring.

Surface Treatment
Along with selecting the right material for the job, choosing the surface treatment and plating requirements of the extension spring is another benefit of customizing. Common surface treatments are Anodizing, Bead Blasting, Citric and Nitric Passivation, Cleaning – Conventional and Ultrasonic, Color Coding, Electro Polish, Laser Etching, Powder Coating, Rust Preventative, Shot Peening, Stress Relieving and Heat, Treating – Plain, Zinc Plated, Black Oxide, Shot Peen, and Passivate (or indicate other). Common plating choices include Black Oxide, Cadmium, Chrome, Gold, Nickel, Phosphate, Tin, and Zinc options.

Popular Applications
The importance of customized extension springs cannot be understated. They are found in virtually every industrial sector. For example, custom extension springs are used widely in the automotive industry in the manufacture of vehicles, most commonly used in carburetors. Extension springs are attached to just about every type of garage door. They are used to provide the grip for vise-grip pliers, give bounce to trampolines, provide the balance to the tub of washing machines, they are necessary components in most farm machinery and specialty equipment, and are components in a number of medical devices from small handheld devices to stretchers and surgical lights. In all of these devices and applications, the extension springs are customized.

The benefit of customizing extension springs is ensuring your springs meet the exact specifications needed for best possible product performance. It gives you the opportunity to get specific about the coils that you need. The more thorough the details, the better your product will be. If you need assistance with selecting the right springs for your application feel free to contact us today!