The Various Uses for Elgiloy Springs

elgiloy springsIn recent years, manufacturers and design engineers of springs have moved to develop lighter materials and easier-to-maneuver springs with exceptional mechanical properties for a wide variety of applications. One important result was the development of Elgiloy springs. Made from an exotic mix of metals, Elgiloy is a new ‘super-alloy’ made of cobalt, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, iron, and magnesium that offer a significant choice for custom spring specifications.

What Are Elgiloy Springs?

Elgiloy is an innovative material known for its very high strength, ductility, exceptional formability, excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments, high fatigue strength, and elevated temperature resistance that allow it to operate at cryogenic temperatures up to 454°C. It is also highly resistant to sulfide stress corrosion cracking. In chloride environments, it is nearly immune to crevice and stress corrosion and pitting even at the highest strength levels.

The non-magnetic material has mechanical properties comparable to high carbon spring steel. The same properties give Elgiloy an edge over stainless steel and other nickel alloys in many applications. Its set resistance retains power longer than stainless steel and its fatigue resistance provides more cycles than stainless steel without breakage. It also has demonstrated greater spring efficiency of upwards of 20% more power than traditional spring steel without an increase in spring dimensions. Its resistance to corrosion outperforms stainless steel by 17%.

Elgiloy springs are being increasingly adopted for components in some medical devices and applications in lieu of titanium. Elgiloy offers several advantages, including excellent biocompatible characteristics.

Elgiloy Springs Across Industries

The biocompatibility of Elgiloy means that it is a safe choice for use as components in medical devices and can be successfully employed in medical applications. Clinical experience has shown acceptable levels of biological response can be expected from Elgiloy components when used in appropriate applications.

Because of its outstanding corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and fatigue resistance, Elgiloy is an excellent material for use in the making of such medical devices and applications as stents, pacemakers, surgical clips, and dental implants. It’s typically-long fatigue life make it ideal for use in orthodontics as well as orthopedic cables, especially for moving parts that function as springs. Its differing levels of temper allow its use where light springs with considerable strength are needed.

The amazing mechanical properties and outstanding performance of Elgiloy also make it an important material for components in a wide assortment of industries. Industrial applications for components made from Elgiloy are used in gas turbine parts, rocket motors, aerospace, chemical processing, industrial heating, nuclear reactors, and submarines to name a few applications.

Elgiloy springs’ mechanical properties perform exceptionally well in conditions or situations that other alloys simply cannot adequately perform in. Elgiloy’s proven longevity and quality performance under heavy use in severe conditions make it the ideal material for all environments, including applications for extreme weather and temperature extremes, use under great pressure, and continual exposure to harsh outdoor elements.

Why Choose Elgiloy Springs?

Elgiloy is a super-alloy material that is ideal for many spring components. When considering a custom material, it can meet the most stringent application requirements for your spring needs. Its versatility, lightweight, non-magnetic, non-corrosive, high strength mechanical properties offer qualities not found in other materials such as stainless steel. Elgiloy’s superior physical properties make it a resilient spring wire that functions longer without distortion or fatigue.

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