A Guide to Air Filter Clips & Fasteners

HVACIn industrial, commercial and residential environments, air filtration systems process air through air filters to improve air quality by removing particulates and impurities from the air. The filtration system, it could be argued, is only as efficient as the air filter itself. The air filter, in turn, is only as efficient as the spring, clip, or fastener that holds the filter snuggly in place.

Air filter clips and fasteners are integral components for air filtration systems to run efficiently. Clips and fasteners come in assorted shapes and sizes dependent on the application. To ensure efficiency, the proper fastener or clip is necessary to hold the air filter securely in the frame. Selecting the correct fastener is the final step in to properly install a filtration system, and it may also prolong the work-life of the air filter.

Air filter clips or fasteners are vital to air filtration systems. In order for the filtration system to perform effectively, the air has to pass through a filter to trap particulates, impurities or vapors in the air. The system design determines which particulates or impurities will be filtered. This may be mold spores, soot, dust, viruses, odors, or any type of particulate matter, or all or some of the above. Dirty air is drawn into the system and moved through a series of filters intended to progressively trap impurities before the clean air is released. The higher the level of filtration, the more expensive the system tends to be.

Air filtration systems come in many shapes, sizes, and models, as do the filters for them, and springs, clips, and fasteners that hold the filters in place. Whether improving air quality inside a home or installing a system for use in a manufacturing plant to prevent harmful particulates from being circulated into the work environment or released into the atmosphere, the right filter for the job is as important as the right fastener.

Common Types of Clips & Fasteners
Application of the proper fastener or clip and the correct amount of fasteners will ensure that the filtration system works as intended. Common types of clips and fasteners for air filters are P clips, varied extension springs, corner clips, and wire fasteners.

P Clips are designed for permanent or semi-permanent attachment of a variety of applications such as cables or pipes. They support different types of air filters used in holding or bank frames.

Extension springs are those familiar fasteners that may have hooks, loops, clips, or end coils attached to them. The function of an extension spring is to provide extended force when pulling each end to hold the air filter securely to the air filter frame.

Corner clips are an effective way to hold the air filters within the frame. The method is used for connecting the sides of a filter at 90-degree corners.

Wire fasteners are necessary for filters that may require securing for use in a harsh environment such as exposure to high temperatures, moisture or chemicals. Wire fasteners are commonly employed when reliability and long-term functionality is crucial.

In businesses, factories, or homes, air filtration systems process air through a filtering system to remove impurities. Numerous companies specialize in the installation of air filtration systems, but to ensure optimal performance of that system, it is important to choose the best company that specializes in the manufacture of devices and parts for the air filtration system.

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