Non-Ferrous Alloy Springs for Medical Devices

Medical DevicesJames Spring and Wire has over 40 years of experience manufacturing springs and wire forms for medical devices and over 20 years of experience manufacturing medical implants. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our in-house engineering and design department can provide design assistance for your medical device spring designs as well as prototype development services for product evaluation prior to production.

Non-Ferrous Medical Springs & Wire Forms

Our Springs and wire forms for medical devices and surgical applications can be manufactured using non-ferrous materials including Elgiloy, Titanium, Phosphor Bronze. We also have experience manufacturing medical implants using 316L, MP35N, Cobalt-Chromium, and Nitinol.

Medical-Grade Materials

  • Titanium
  • Elgiloy
  • Phosphorous Bronze
  • Cobalt-Chromium
  • Nitinol
  • 316L
  • MP35N

We can provide springs & wire forms in any shape and material for a wide variety of medical applications including surgical tools, surgical implants, medical devices, medical instrumentation, orthopedic tools and orthopedic implants.

Wire Sizes range from .2mm to 6mm

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