Compression Springs in the Automotive Industry

Compression SpringsJames Spring & Wire Company has been working with companies in the automotive industry for over a half a century, providing them with high-quality components and unmatched services. Our valued clients in this industry know that compression springs play a vital role in the assembly of automotive parts and systems. From standard door springs to vehicle suspension, these springs allow for the safe and efficient operation of several automotive components. Today we will be exploring the importance these parts in the automotive industry by reviewing the major application areas and well as more common uses.

Why Compression Springs are Essential to the Automotive Industry

Although there are many components that make up the manufacturing of a vehicle, custom compression springs are used for different reasons to allow for safe and effective operations. The function of these springs is to keep two components apart through the absorption of energy obtained by compression, the energy is then released once the spring expands.

The first major application springs are used for is in exhaust valves. Compression springs are responsible for the efficient functioning of automobile engine exhaust valves by ensuring that they open and close at regular intervals. This function allows the engine to successfully function at all speeds. In case any failure to compression springs, the exhaust valves will not close on time, leading to misfire and power loss in the engine as well as lead to the valve bending as it hits the piston, therefore damaging the engine.

The second major application compression springs are used for is in the assembly of automotive seating. The spring action provides the driver with a comfortable ride, even on bad roads. The type of compression springs used in the assembly of seating varies depending on the makes and models of vehicles. To learn more, request a quote.

Finally, compression springs are essential for a vehicle’s suspension. Compression springs largely contribute to absorbing the shock received by wheels on bumpy roads. Essentially, compression springs are the reason why a driver experiences a comfortable ride even on rough back roads or in construction areas.

The Applications Are Endless!

The applications for springs in the automotive industry don’t end with the three applications listed above, they are also utilized in various other areas of a vehicle. These include door springs, strip form or compression limiters, engine hoods, car trunks, and gear engagement controls and much more.

To get the best results, it is important to choose quality springs. Use springs with the right specifications based on the requirements of the application, and always check the quality before using them! To ensure you are getting a high-quality part that will affect the efficient function and performance of the entire system, contact James Spring & Wire company today.

Photo Credit: Brett Levin