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Spiral Torsion Springs Manufacturing

Various Torsion Springs

Spiral torsion springs are mechanical devices that store and release mechanical energy through the exertion of rotational torque force. It is one of two basic torsion spring designs, the other being the more familiar helical or coiled torsion spring, the shape of which resembles the compression or extension spring, and operates in a radial direction… Read more »

The Evolution and History of Springs

Coil Springs

In the history of springs, it’s no exaggeration to state that spring technology has been around since the dawn of civilization. Look no further than the bow and arrow. One of the earliest applications of spring technology, the taut string of a bow has stored and released the mechanical energy required to provide food and… Read more »

Spring Deflection and How It’s Calculated

Spring Constant

When a spring takes a bounce, the bounce it takes is a result of the spring’s deflection. Spring deflection is the action or motion that results from the application or release of a load. It is the response to a force when it is applied or removed. Spring deflection is also known as spring travel,… Read more »

Understanding the Spring Manufacturing Process


Springs are elastic objects that store mechanical energy vital to the operation of numerous devices, equipment, and machinery found in every household, office, and industry around the globe. In this regard, spring manufacturing is instrumental in the production of goods worldwide. The process provides the essential components for the manufacture of products that are mechanical… Read more »

Types of Springs Used in Medical Devices

surgical room

Springs are integral components in the manufacture of many medical devices. Whether it’s for a surgical stapler or a medical monitor, the types of springs in medical devices are defined by a specific action or movement required for the application. Though relatively simple in its design, springs store the mechanical energy necessary for a wide… Read more »

Calculating Spring Tension

Various Extension Springs

All springs are constructed to have an initial tension, that force that keeps the coils together in a set position. As a measurement, initial tension is the load or force necessary to overcome the internal force to start coil separation. How to calculate spring tension, and its importance will help to determine how effectively a… Read more »

Custom Spring Design Specifications and Ordering Tips

Extension Springs

Springs are ubiquitous mechanical components found in a wide range of machines and devices—from consumer goods to large-scale industrial equipment. For manufacturing, custom spring design specifications are essential to meet component requirements. Size, load weight, and material are necessary to fulfill design specifications. Before any of those specifications can be met, engineers will determine which… Read more »

How Custom Springs Are Made

Spring Manufacturing

Custom spring manufacturing is designed for customized or unique spring applications for products. Determining how springs are made relates to the application. Custom springs are made to meet specific design requirements for products across multiple industrial sectors—aerospace, automotive, medical, IT and AI, trades and construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and so on. They can vary greatly with… Read more »

Why Use Titanium for Medical Applications

Surgical Tools

Titanium resists corrosion and is bio-compatible. Titanium also has the ability to join with human bone, which is one of the reasons it is used so often in the medical industry. Titanium metal is used in medical and surgical applications, such as surgical titanium instruments, orthopedic titanium rods, titanium pins, and titanium plates.

Custom Mil-Spec Springs

army helicopter

James Spring & Wire is an ITAR registered custom spring manufacturer with experience manufacturing mil-spec springs that meet all military specification requirements for use in aerospace, military and defense applications.